Sorry Land Rover I couldn’t resist!

I’ve got mixed feeling about the newly realeased Land Rover Defender, I think as a car it looks great! I would happily have one! I bet it munches through the motorway miles with ease.

I also believe it will be truly capable in most off road situations, as long as you are happy enough to be paying thousands for the repair bills on that front bumber!!

Here is my issue with it! It should NEVER have been named DEFENDER!

The original series 1,2,3 then 90/110s and finaly Defender WERE work horses!

Designed to do a job first with the occupants an after thought! It was used across the globe in agriculture, military, as service vechicles for mountain rescues and coast guards.

It literally could be adapted to do anything! and came in so many configurations from pick up to hard top to soft top or even completly roof less! and all achievable with 2 spanners!!

Sadly the new “Defender” is just another 4×4 car which in my opinion will NEVER reach the ICONIC status of it’s predecessors.

On the plus side If you own a Discovery 4 and you were wondering what to buy next, your prayers have been Answered.

RIP Defender 1991(ish)-2016