So I’ve waved goodbye to my trusty Defender 300tdi and gone and bought myself a non running Land Rover Series 2a 109 ex military!

Why? well like many others I simply love the simplicity and of course the look of an old Series Land Rover and as I’m still a rather large child I wanted a new toy!! Only this is a toy that will make me happy for a long time to come!

So a little back story…. It (I say it as I’ve never been one to name or assign gender to a lump of metal) was built in 1968 where it spent the first 9 years of it’s life in the military. I’m not sure how it served it’s time but hope to one day apply to the national archives to find out.

Now the next few years were a blur and all I know is it stood for 15 ish years unloved and un touched. Then the prevoius previous owner started to restore it


It had a full body strip down a replacement bulkhead, Sadlyalthough in very good condition they used an earlier bulkhead with twin wiper motors which come through the windscreen frame)

All the chassis was repaired and painted it had new tyres reconed engine the list goes on!

Then it happened, they got bored of it and sold it on! Thankfully they almost had it finished it. It was bought by another enthuisiast who wanted to finish what they had started, but it ended up being parked up in a barn and never touched for several more years.

Then muggins here stepped in! Paid my monies and had it trailered 400 miles from kent to the North East of sunny-ish England!

And this is how it looked!

So you can see it’s very decent but still quite a bit to do, But that is for another day…..