So now all the body panels are out the way, I have full access to the engine and bay. There is a ton of jobs to do under here so I made the decision to strip of all the ancilleries from the engine clean it give it a coat of rust inhibiter then a coat of engine enamel.

I’m not stripping the engine as the prevoius owner assured me it was in good condition. If there are any issues with it I will deal with them as they arise.

I also removed some of the steering arms so I could get better access to the chassis so I could paint it with Buzzweld Chassis Black! which is amazingly easy to use gives a great finish and has a reputation for being the best you can buy!

The black on engine is Rust inhibitor. Engine half painted in enamel.

I did some test painting of deep bronze green on the bulkhead



The Products I used were

Aquasreel Rust Converter get it HERE

Buzzweld Chassis Black Aerosols, Get them HERE

Paintman engine enamel. Get it HERE