Hi, I’m Gordon and welcome to my page. This site isn’t a big commercial magazine in fact quite the opposite, I’m just one man with a camera, a laptop and a love for classic motoring!

I’m currently restoring (I use that word loosely) a 1968 Land Rover Series 2a 109 ex military and decided to create this site to document it’s journey.

As I do spend a bit of time wandering around classic car shows throughout the UK I thought it would be nice to have them on here too!


As a young teenager I only ever had one thing on my mind, no not that!!!! To me passing my driving test was the top priority! so June 1988 I passed (3rd times a charm) was the start of my love affair with cars!

It didn’t start well if I’m honest, I just needed my own wheels and would have bought a pram if someone had told me it did 100mph!!!

So the first purchase had me in a £275 Ford Cortina 1.6l.  I think the L stood for “lots of rust”

I didn’t care, I had FREEDOM!! and felt like the king of the world.

I quickly gravitated  to the Ford marque and had a string of them over the years.

Some of them I wish I still owned some of them didn’t survive my ownership!


My Xr2 hit a house that stepped in front of it!

My first truly fast and scary car!! 200bhp

Then there was this…

My pride and joy, the one I should never have let go 300bhp of pure fun… The Seirra Sapphire Cosworth 2wd. An icon today!!!!

Then Came the “Dark Ages” as I like to call it.

I Met my woman, the cossie was gone life took a different turn and cars just didn’t seem as important. You know what I’m saying, you go through that “growing up stage where you become more responsible and rather than spending your money on a Bilstien suspension kit, your buying furniture or going on holidays… you know normal stuff.

11 years had past when the skies started to clear, life was going great and we were stable and secure, so I bought this.

And heavily modified it! I was back!!! But this time with an obsession for Land Rovers.

Then came a Defender, which again got lots of money spent on it!

Fast foward to today, we have a couple of Audis on the drive for the A-B journeys and of course my restoration project…… the Land Rover!!